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Interview from WNY LABOR TODAY

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Laborers Local 210 Union Official-Turned-Author Publishes Book That's On Local


Contributed by Tom Campbell

Monday, 11 August 2008


Four years ago, Laborers Local 210 union member-turned-book author Joe Biondo underwent two major surgeries to repair his broken back, which he injured while working construction. As he healed, Biondo needed something to keep busy. He asked his then 12-year-old daughter if he could borrow her laptop computer and began writing a fictional novel that he’d kicked around in his mind over the years.

It took Biondo a year to finish and the book he wrote, Retribution – Dead Men Tell No Lies – has now been published by the independent publishing house, authorHOUSE, and is available locally at Barnes & Noble book stores, as well as on-line at and More than 1,000 copies of Biondo’s book, which retails for $17.50 plus tax, have been sold since it was published, he said. Biondo’s book also became a family affair, first borrowing his daughter laptop to write his manuscript and then with his son creating the cover art for his novel.

“I’m proud of the fact that I actually did this,” Biondo, a field representative, business agent and Local 210 secretary/treasurer, told about his 280-page novel. “The story is about a street-wise kid from Buffalo who becomes a vigilante to protect the weak and loved ones in his life.

Through the whole story he never loses sight of his goals or direction. It’s a story of family, love, honor, respect and pure street justice. Through it all the main fictional character hides a dark side that’s triggered by the actions of others against the weaker people in his world and society in general,” he said.

According to its jacket notes, Retribution - Dead Men Tell No Lies revolves around the life of its main character, Joe Biagi, beginning with his family's entrance into America and as they rise to reach middle-class existence. The story then shifts to follow Biagi as he makes his way through life, learning hard lesions along the way from what he sees on the streets and ultimately how he decides to use what he’s learned in his own life. While Biondo’s story mixes life’s good, bad and ugly sides, it also focuses on love and one person’s dreams. The dark side of this so-called street story revolves around Biagi’s code of loving his family and friends and remembering he must protect the ones he loves at all costs, Biondo


“The best reviews I’ve received are from people who grew up on the West Side who say I nailed it. This is not a Sopranos style story. It’s about someone who made some mistakes who took things into his own hands as he became a protector of his family and friends,” he said.

Unfortunately, Biondo readied himself for some negative Local 210 stereotypes, but for the most part, they didn’t come. While he found himself on the receiving end of some self-described bad, but not detrimental, jokes “early on, people are much more intelligent and that’s disappeared,” Biondo said.

“People are generally surprised that I’m a member of Local 210. They just don’t expect a union worker to have written a book like this. However, it’s been hard, even impossible, to get the word out on my book here in Buffalo through the local media, I expect because of the nature of the story. But it’s fiction. Otherwise, I’ve gotten some nice PR outside Buffalo, including nearly an hour-long interview on a Chicago radio station. I’m a pretty humble person and I’ve gotten a bit embarrassed over the attention, but it’s been great,” Biondo said.

Biondo has already created a movie adaptation of Retribution – Dead Men Tell No Lies and is shopping it around. He’s also moving forward on a second novel he has entitled, Hit Squad, which involves a retired cop in a vigilante mode.

WNY Labor Today/Campbell & Associates Public Relation Powered by Joomla! Generated: 12 August, 2008, 03:38 Asked whether he’s becoming a Mickey Spillane-style vigilante story-teller, Biondo said, “I don’t know. Like I said these stories are fiction, but for whatever reason, they’re easy for me to write. Mickey Spillane, ha now thats funny. But imagine the possabilities”

Hit Squad/Vengeance

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from Barnes & Noble website.

by Anonymous

Reader Rating: excellent


February 27, 2010: I think the author did a fantastic job writing this book. Reading it was a pleasure. I could not put this book down. I finished it in 2 days. For me it was an easy read. Like I was back in the OLD neighborhood. I hope everyone enjoys it as much as I did. Can't wait for book #3 to hit the shelves, or even better to have this one made into a movie. I could pick out some of the actors already!


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This is from the Barnes & Noble site.

RETRIBUTION -Dead Men Tell No Lies.

Reader Rating See Detailed Ratings - Great story!

Posted March 24, 2006, 3:18 PM EST:

This was a different type of writting, but I enjoyed it. Sort of refreshing to see that someone else has an eye for protecting the inocentones in our lives. The book and story are quite visual yet raw. I think in the right hands this author may suprise many and go far... I'm waiting for another story from him....I'd buy it for sure. The cover which he writes about was done buy his son who is a young artist - interesting read,I couldn't put it down!



From Sal Terranova

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Joe has a unique style that puts you right smack in the middle of his scenes. First book was great second book is even better!!!!



Annonymous Review of both books

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Thursday, April 1, 2010 at 8:21am

The author, Joe Biondo has a definite passion to the streets he writes about. His first book, "RETRIBUTION - Dead Men Tell No Lies”, I would say was a great success. The story had family, love, passion and direction to make you not want to put it down. "HIT SQUAD - VENGEANCE”, does the same. I was actually hoping his second book was a continuation of the first as it made you want more with its open ending. The new story blends the passion and streets perfectly. He again has nailed the action to almost film quality with his explanation and description of the situations in which he writes. I loved the first book and now am hooked on this author. I look forward to more works from him and as one person said in a book review on his works, “He nailed it.” We all know how hard it is to write a story let alone a book. To keep you hooked and keep you thinking of it until the next time you pick it up is a gift. This guy by far is not a literary genius but he is a story teller. A good storyteller who can organize his stories and get them down on paper. I have read many books of this nature. He fills his pages with meaningful words not filler to prolong the story. He ends his stories so that if he wants to, he can continue it at a later date. In my eyes, this is an author to watch. Any book that keeps you thinking when you complete it deserves kudos. I give this author mine.

I know him well enough to assure you that if he continues to write you will be in for a treat.

"Thanks Joe Bee and keep it up."

The Review: RETRIBUTION - Dead Men Tell No Lies

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The Review: RETRIBUTION—Dead Men Tell No Lies

Giuseppe Giovanni,

It was with great excitement the news came to me, an author! Now I know some successful Professionals; Bankers, Doctors, Athletes, Restaurateurs, lawyers, all kinds of big deal guys, but no authors. Having read literally hundreds of books! This was a must read!!

Where do I begin? A simple review? I think not, yes “lets dance awhile first.” Shall we?

I too come from Sicilian lineage. With many similarities to Mr. Biondo and Mr. Biagi…many!!

So many places were familiar to me in this story, both in location and in emotion. In point of fact; Some of the books more violent excerpts I know in life we have both experienced in real life. For instance on a trip to the west coast I stabbed a guy, I know you did the same. I cracked a guys head open, I know you’ve done the same. I broke a guys arm, I’ve seen you do the same. I also fell in love and got laid a few times as well. Ah I digress…. Our child hood, the Bulls, the bars, the girls, Hokey Smokes Gumby, this crazy Biagi bastard not only has the same background as us, he’s got a few anger management issues as well!! His as our best quality is perhaps the willingness to do whatever it takes to win the battle no matter what it takes. “The battle of right vs. wrong”. You, me, Biagi, we love our families, friends, winning, our pride and giving some deserving prick the beating of his life.

On to my review:

Excitement, laughter, scream laughing at times like you do! Familiarity in so many of the places you took us to in the book. Excellent job of bringing out the attitude of our era. I do wonder how some reader not blessed with all the qualities our West Side, Sicilian background gave will relate to going into a bar, plopping down some cash and ordering 150 vodka and teas!

Let me say this though, there were times I personally felt as though I had insight to some of your dreams and conquests– another Sicilian trait we share. I however never put one of mine on paper, which by the way, I both salute and envy. I do wonder though how you got the idea for a guy with green eyes, as I remember I was the only Dago in the neighborhood with green eyes. Could it be? If so, I thank you.

The hood, losers, hot shot. The book was really, really enjoyable. The story was wild and believable. Our past English teachers would be proud, our friends will be as I am. Joe, “GREAT JOB”!

I have so much more to say but time is limited. I will say this, “How absolutely thrilled I was to see my own name immortalized in print. With no other Eddie, Dino or Mike to be mistaken for. IT WAS ME on page 125, for this I am eternally grateful. Once again, good job Joe Bee- GREAT JOB INFACT”.

Your Proud Friend Page # 125