My name is Joe Biondo. Recently I’ve completed two fiction novels which were published by AuthorHouse Publishing ( The books have been doing fairly well and with each comment or review, I get the same thing. The comment, “You’ve got to make this a movie.” Through my search and recent SELF-education into that fact, I see that it is just not that easy. I have completed, copyrighted scripts (adaptations) to the FICTIONS. The stories and scripts are formatted so that it may be considered for film. I really believe soon I will have a chance to see that dream come to life. If not by someone with interest then by myself and I am not kidding at all. I learn more about it every day. If I get my shot, it won't be time wasted! This is doable WITH THE RIGHT INVESTORS, there is already an awesome amount of passion to see it through.

     My writing world started years ago (1993) as I entered many essay and short story contests and became some what perfected in 2003 as I lay in bed with a broken back from a work accident. While the days, weeks and months passed and I waited to heal, I became increasingly agitated from my lack of production of any sort. I set out to write another story for a small competition I had read about in the Readers Digest. I became addicted to the process and sometimes couldn’t quit, ending up with more than 300 pages (93,000 words), That was well beyond the 3000 word story I needd for the original contest. In a year and a half from that day in 2004 I had my first published fiction novel online and on the shelves of Barnes and Noble outlets.

     I searched for a publisher, did all my own editing and layout and all of my own representing with no experience. Thank God for Public Libraries. No agents or lawyers. It was a great education to a rewarding process and world. For someone with virtually NO EXPERIENCE. This was a great accomplishement and education, especially for an injured construction Laborer. I think it was anyways and am very proud of my accomplishments. Below are the introductions to my two published fiction novels:

     “RETRIBUTION—Dead Men Tell No Lies” (2006)

      The story is about a street wise 19 year old kid (Joe Biagi) from Buffalo, N.Y. who becomes a Vigilante to protect the weak and loved ones in his life. Through the whole story he never loses sight of his goals or direction, he never hurts any innocent people and thoughly does his own investigation before he reacts to getting even. It has family, life, love, honor, respect, passion, action and pure street justice. Through the whole story he keeps an unforgettable style to hide a dark side triggered by the actions against the weaker people in his world and society in general.  plan on a sequal  butam really looking forward to completing a short film I just completed writing called : "JUSTICE STREET STYLE"


      “HIT SQUAD VENGEANCE” (2010)

        Is a story of vigilance, a story of passion, a street story that will make you love your family and friends. Remember we must protect the ones we love with all we’ve got. The main character in this story is, (Leo Greco), a retired Cop who lives by that code until the end. He has left the life as a Police Detective but has continued in another  branch of law enforcement.

      I thank you for your time. Please consider reading. These stories they are my heart and soul.  You won’t regret it. IN TIME I PLAN OF HAVING ONE OR MORE OF MY STORIES PUT INTO FILM. THE ADAPTATIONS ARE READY!


RETRIBUTION-Dead Men Tell No Lies


    Joe Biagi was a good Sicilian kid, who through his parent’s teachings and the streets he grew up on had his own ideas of what the rules actually were. If you saw it you remembered it, never bragged about it and always covered your own ass. If you saw some idiot taking advantage of the weak, you stepped in and helped them out. Never make a move that would make your parents unhappy with you…..unless it was out of your control. To grow up with the values of a Sicilian male, you grew up with certain values that others just didn’t understand. If someone crossed you or yours, in time your paths would cross again and getting even just seemed to happen.

    Joe never looked for trouble. He was a model kid, student, son, and friend. Almost everyone who came in contact with him loved him, he had a special magnetism. He was tall, dark, athletic, smart, and always willing to help others. He was headed to the top until certain situations changed his direction. When that happened he had to do what was right, even if it was against the law. Retribution means – time to get even, and in some cases this kid wasn’t about to sit back and let it go. He was willing to die to satisfy the urge of avenging the injuring and deaths of the innocent and weak in his life. Never was this suppose to happen with this young man, it just worked out that way.

    In life you never take on the mobs and gangs, they’re just too strong and dirty and always got their man. But this time, they met their match. Joe Biagi was to smart and not willing to let it go. The only way that he would get caught is if he didn’t plan out his moves. If he needed a month, he took a month. If he needed a year he took a year. If it had to happen now and the situation was right, it happened now.

     The story takes you from his family’s entrance into America and to their middle class existence. Then shifts to follow Joe as he makes his way through life. It shows you how he learns from what he’s seen on the streets and how he uses it to his advantage. The story mixes with the good the bad and the ugly life has to offer. It has love, hate, dreams and sorrows. The dark side of Joe is the catch. As his eyes and mind turn black, the story unfolds. His calculating ways grip you as one by one he eliminates the scum that hurt the ones he loves and respects. It all starts as an accident and winds its way to an almost sociopath existence. The difference is that someone else always gets the blame. He makes connections that help him which in turn helps them. You get caught up in the story because of the lead inns to his calculating manner and how he uses the victims own properties against them. I guess you can call it a story of vigilantism.

      To me the story just takes you to a different place and is almost a rag’s to riches story with some very tough decisions along the way. No matter what, Joe couldn’t lose. His strong roots and passion helped him the whole time. It’s written in a different format, I guess you can call it a bit street wise with the quotes written as they sound. People from the streets aren’t literary geniuses but they get their points across. I guess you could compare the writing to the movie The Bronx Tale. Not the story but the dialogue.

      The story starts out in Buffalo New York, and ends in San Diego California. The murders do the same. The love of his life gets involved as he makes his decisions to steer his life in a different direction. The story ends as all the good, bad and indifferent comes to a head as another chapter is soon to begin. He completes his last mission with a masterful technique which helps an old man and a crusty old cop stop a nasty situation. Surely as life goes forward more killings will follow, but that’s left to your own imagination.

    To say anymore would be to give it all away. But one thing stands true. The only people who knew it was him were the ones he killed and dead men tell no lies.




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In life we often hear how the weak and sick, old and helpless who become victims to the cowards and modern day terrorists that prowl the streets looking for easy targets. Often we would protect these souls if we only knew where the attacks were going to take place at least I know I would. But TOO often, too many people just turn their heads and go on with their complicated days. When I spoke of we, I meant the few that care enough to make a difference and not wait for the police, lawyers and backwards laws that were meant to protect those unfortunate souls screw it all up. Too many times have these wastes of society laughed in the face of authority only to be let out to do it again to another unsuspecting soul. 

The Hit Squad was formed to eliminate those who have violated the streets we walk every day. They are the ones who become hunted by a group of men. A group put together methodically by a retired law officer to do in life what he wanted to do a thousand times in his career.  He has seen a lot in his time as a cop, a homicide detective in BUFFALO, NY. He’s seen young and old abused by the thugs of the world. Leo Greco got even a few times when time permitted it to happen when he was still a cop under oath. He knew the problems our laws created, the protection the laws provided for even the worst of criminals. He had seen their smug looks along with their crazy eyes. He knew they’d get out and do it again, In his mind he  vowed to make a difference. He made a pact with his own soul to stop them and end as much of it as possible, to beat them at their own game.  He carefully watched the streets and his own world for the ones to help him end this never ending string of violence. One by one his recruits were tested and led into a world of justice. The Hit Squad was put together to clean up the streets and to help one man sleep at night.

   Leo Greco was not going away upon his retirement, he was just moving to another branch of law enforcement. Only this time God was his boss. One of the commandments is Thou shall not kill, to Leo Greco that didn’t mean much. To him, an eye for an eye was a better fit.

   If you dared to rape, abuse, kill, rob, threaten, beat or drug a weaker person, especially a child. If you got out of jail and did it again. If you laughed at the laws you abused because you knew you’d be able to commit crimes again. Chances were that you’d meet your destiny. Chances are you’d see why you were about to die. The Hit Squad always gave you a reason before you were hit. No person was to be killed without knowing why he was to die. That rule was instilled by Mr. Leo Greco.  He prefered they found out as they letout thier last breath. That rule was followed by all.



To have a story published is a joy beyond comprehension. This is my second Fiction Novel. To have someone read it, like it and ask for more is a blessing beyond my wildest dreams. I think with this story I have solidified a style for what I write. My dream is to have a story made into a film. I think that thought has been solidified in previous statements made by me. With each story, I also adapt it to a motion picture script because in my mind it's playing that way as I write it. I write my scripts line by line without any help from a  Computer program. I feel its more real that way and much more rewarding and passionate. Plus when films started, thats how it was done. I want to be real! I am determined to make it happen someday, God willing. For now.... Enjoy these and all of my stories, please realize that I write because I love life and feel that no one should be violated from the cowards and terrorists that lay in the shadows. The weak, meek, young and innocent should be protected at all costs. My stories are fiction but my beliefs are real. I will hit someone with a bat if they are hurting an old woman or child. You'd thank me if it was your mom or your child, wouldn't you? Thats why my writing is so real, I am not scared to speak out or protect someone. After the beating, then I'll call 911. Do you get it now. Sorry if that offends you but I saw things in my life that would make many cringe. I acted while some cowards turned thier heads.



   JOE BIONDO  (2004)


DARK   - a poem by Joe Biondo


by Joe Biondo on Friday, May 20, 2011 at 5:33pm

Most don't see

    those eyes in the dark.

They just trust too much

     and just look forward.

How many times are the cowards

     lurking in the shaddows?

Why don't they notice

     the coward, terrorist waiting for that break?

We sit in our rooms

     its dark corners seem safe.

As you stare into its abyss

     those dark corners are alive

     and stare back.

And if you are lucky

     you stop it before it strikes

      or ends another life.

They, in the dark,

      have no concience,

      they have no heart

      they have no soul.

      they have no vision.

Shame is their goal.

      their motivation is personal

        its greed is vicious.

Its prey, is the weak.

They have no future,

        their future is death.

Their solice is their victim

        for whome they don't know.

The weak they seek

        are their dinner of choice.

I can see the faint light in the dark,

        your eyes look away

        as I confront the coward.

He chose the wrong victim this time

       as he cowars into the faint light.

His cover exposed

       and his motive ended.

His defence is none

       when its just he and I.

That one  is down.

But don't you be werry.

        for his spot will be filled.

Tomorrow it will be another

       to fill his hunger and brutal need.

For he will eat

       with what was yours.

Protect yourselves

        at all costs.

Always look in the dark.

Always see in the dark.

Know what is there,

       Even if its not