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The Review: RETRIBUTION - Dead Men Tell No Lies

Posted by Joe Biondo on May 29, 2010 at 9:55 AM

The Review: RETRIBUTION—Dead Men Tell No Lies

Giuseppe Giovanni,

It was with great excitement the news came to me, an author! Now I know some successful Professionals; Bankers, Doctors, Athletes, Restaurateurs, lawyers, all kinds of big deal guys, but no authors. Having read literally hundreds of books! This was a must read!!

Where do I begin? A simple review? I think not, yes “lets dance awhile first.” Shall we?

I too come from Sicilian lineage. With many similarities to Mr. Biondo and Mr. Biagi…many!!

So many places were familiar to me in this story, both in location and in emotion. In point of fact; Some of the books more violent excerpts I know in life we have both experienced in real life. For instance on a trip to the west coast I stabbed a guy, I know you did the same. I cracked a guys head open, I know you’ve done the same. I broke a guys arm, I’ve seen you do the same. I also fell in love and got laid a few times as well. Ah I digress…. Our child hood, the Bulls, the bars, the girls, Hokey Smokes Gumby, this crazy Biagi bastard not only has the same background as us, he’s got a few anger management issues as well!! His as our best quality is perhaps the willingness to do whatever it takes to win the battle no matter what it takes. “The battle of right vs. wrong”. You, me, Biagi, we love our families, friends, winning, our pride and giving some deserving prick the beating of his life.

On to my review:

Excitement, laughter, scream laughing at times like you do! Familiarity in so many of the places you took us to in the book. Excellent job of bringing out the attitude of our era. I do wonder how some reader not blessed with all the qualities our West Side, Sicilian background gave will relate to going into a bar, plopping down some cash and ordering 150 vodka and teas!

Let me say this though, there were times I personally felt as though I had insight to some of your dreams and conquests– another Sicilian trait we share. I however never put one of mine on paper, which by the way, I both salute and envy. I do wonder though how you got the idea for a guy with green eyes, as I remember I was the only Dago in the neighborhood with green eyes. Could it be? If so, I thank you.

The hood, losers, hot shot. The book was really, really enjoyable. The story was wild and believable. Our past English teachers would be proud, our friends will be as I am. Joe, “GREAT JOB”!

I have so much more to say but time is limited. I will say this, “How absolutely thrilled I was to see my own name immortalized in print. With no other Eddie, Dino or Mike to be mistaken for. IT WAS ME on page 125, for this I am eternally grateful. Once again, good job Joe Bee- GREAT JOB INFACT”.

Your Proud Friend Page # 125

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